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Type, Images and Ideas part 2

The person’s favorite line, “focusing on you”, was used to create an illustration of a camera. Aside from the illustration poster, the camera is used as a logo for his freelance photography business.


very simple graphic menu for a Hong Kong street food restaurant back in 2012


Type, Images and Ideas Project

Typeface designed for a friend. We had to create a typeface that reflects the person’s personality. I used geometric shapes to show my friend’s simple yet very versatile personality. I also used basic elements of photography and media into the typeface, since they’re his passion.


Typography Book Cover 

This is one of the most challenging projects so far. We had to create books covers playing with the type only. With no colors or illustrations, we have to creatively play with each letter and be able to show the emotion and story of the book. 

Hi guys, i’ve been wanting to start an art blog, but I cannot seem to find the time.. so I’ve finally made one and I will be posting a couple of my school projects, and hopefully my original illustrations soon! 


As If They Were Drawn With Colour Pencils, 2014 Géraldine van Wessem

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"Everything's so wonderful. Just wait till you meet him!" (x)

Pencil test animation for Sleeping Beauty (by Marc Davis)

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Cinderella Pencil Test

my drawing in motion class, where we draw animation page by page, makes me appreciate hand drawn animation more. Hands down, this is incredible

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Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

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So long, Summer

by: Casey Garner

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